Florida group health insurance

Florida Group Health Insurance

Florida group health insurance plans are available for groups of any size. However, there are a few facts you need to be aware of.

Florida group health insurance for groups of one (self-employed) are available, but not from me. It is unlikely that any agent will sell you this type of plan. You need to go directly to the carrier. The open enrollment is in August and the plans begin in October. These plans are very expensive and are generally purchased by someone with an uninsurable medical condition. You will need tax records that show that you are indeed operating a business on a full time basis.

Generally, the insurance companies will not even discuss a group of one plan with you before August. But, you can certainly try.

If you cannot obtain or afford a single employer group plan (group of one) and have an uninsurable medical condition, you should still contact me. I might be able to put you in a "stacked" indemnity plan that will still allow you to qualify for guaranteed issue health insurance from the government in 6 months. In the long run, it could be much, much cheaper than a group plan.

We will write Florida group health insurance plans for groups consisting of 2 or 3 employees under certain circumstances. Let me explain.

The insurance carrier is not really interested in your small group of 2 or 3 employees. It is more trouble then it is worth and usually someone in the group has a major medical issue. To discourage agents from writing these groups, they essentially pay us next to nothing. Just about enough for a cup of coffee (but not in Starbucks).

However, many of you out there need this coverage. So, we will write the plan for you if you have some other insurance with us. It could be a dental plan, disability plan, hospital supplement. We don't care. Any of these low cost group supplements will be fine.

If we write a hospital supplement, you can raise your deductible, pay less in premiums, still have a low out of pocket liability and we get to feed our families.

Individual plans for small groups

In case you were not aware of this, group health insurance is more expensive than individual or private health insurance. There are many reasons for this, but for now, take my word for it.

The problem with individual insurance is that you may not be able to obtain it if there is a significant medical issue. However, in spite of recent inflamatory new articles, most of you will qualify even with high blood pressure, a bad back, etc. We can even write a well controlled diabetic.

For multiple employees, you can use a single list bill. This means that even though each employee has their own insurance, it can be paid for with a single company check.

If you are concerned about the tax consequences of this, you can use a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) or a premium only Section 125 plan.

If you call me, I will explain how they work.

Groups of 4 or more full time employees are able to implement just about any group plan they want. We can get you a competitive quote.

We will also write guaranteed issue dental, short term and long term disability and hospital supplement plans for groups of 2 or more full time employees.

Remember, a 1099 employee is not really your employee. They work for themselves and cannot be counted as an employee for group benefit purposes.

Again, we are here to answer your questions about group health insurance plans. Just give us a call.

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