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Guaranteed Issue Florida Health Insurance - No Medical Declines

It does not matter what you saw on the Internet or heard from your neighbor, Florida is not a guaranteed issue state when it comes to individual health insurance. Furthermore, there are no state pools for the uninsurable individual to turn to.

However, we can insure most individuals regardless of their medical conditions. These are real health insurance plans not discount cards. Pre-existing conditions are covered.


Florida health insurance plans are underwritten

In Florida as in most states individual health insurance is medically underwritten. This means that you can be medically rejected or your preexisting conditions can be permanently excluded. If you are denied coverage there are no state supported pools that will take you. Basically, with the exception of the alternatives we discuss on this web site, you are out of luck.


If you have been on a group insurance plan for the requisite amount of time and your company is still in business and offering the group insurance plan to its employees, you might be eligible to continue your health insurance for a limited period of time. Usually, this is for a period of 18 months. This is a continuation of your group benefits and regardless of your current health, you will be covered as before.


A HIPAA plan is a health insurance plan that is issued on a guaranteed issue basis. In other words, all preexisting conditions will be covered. The plan has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

All preexisting conditions are covered
The plan is 200 - 300% (sometimes much more) higher than a similar plan that is medically underwritten. So, many people cannot afford this coverage
You must meet strict guidelines to obtain the plan. Including complete exhaustion of COBRA coverage if it was offered to you.
Only certain plans that a carrier offers are available to HIPAA applicants.

For most individuals, HIPAA is not a cost effective answer to their problems. The plan could cost thousands per month.

Some Real Alternatives

We do have guaranteed issue Florida health insurance plans. There are limits to some of these plans, but they will provide a reasonable level of coverage.

The plans are divided into two categories.

Guaranteed issue major medical plan for self-employed. If you are self-employed we can offer you a full major medical plan.

This is a full major medical plan from a national carrier. The only requirement is that you are self-employed (you can have a small group if you like). We can provide this plan any month of the year. You do not have to wait until August for the Florida open-enrollment period.

The second, is a mini-medical or defined benefit health insurance plan.

These plans pay out according to a predefined schedule. However, we do have plans that pay out substantial sums. In most cases, they will cover the overwhelming majority of medical expenses. We can supplement these plans to cover even catastrophic illnesses.

These plans are completely guaranteed issue and are affordably priced.

Both types of plans are PPO plans with national networks.

Get Help

Guaranteed issue health insurance plans can be tricky. Most agents do not know much if anything at all about these plans. We suggest a web site like www.guaranteed-health-insurance.com. They have all of the plans we discussed on this page and will give you honest answers to your questions. For information on guaranteed issue health plans, click here.

Falsifying your health insurance information

There is no doubt that many people leave information off their health insurance application. Sometimes at the suggestion of a corrupt and greedy salesperson. The insurance company will usually find out. If you have a claim they will search high and low and uncover the lie. It is a third class felony in Florida to purposely lie on an insurance application. Don't be a fool.

Remember, before you panic, give us a call and we will advise you regarding your Florida health insurance options.

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