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Florida Health Insurance Supplemental Plans

Florida health insurance can be very expensive.

The best way to lower premiums is to raise your deductible. But, you are faced with the possibility of higher out-of-pocket expenses.

We have a unique way that permits you to have a lower cost, high-deductible plan and at the same use a low-cost supplement to pay for part or all of the deductible.

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Using Supplemental Plans to Lower Your Florida Health Insurance Premiums

We have long preached the wisdom of using a higher deductible health insurance plan. The benefits are:

- Lower Premiums
- Co-pays for office visits and prescriptions are not subject to the deductible
- Savings generally exceed the difference in out-of-pocket expenses

It is very rare for anyone to meet their deductible. When they do, it is even rarer for it to happen more than once in ten years (unless you develop a chronic condition).

Therefore, if you can save $2,000 a year by raising your deductible from $1,000 to $5,000, you have already saved the difference you would have to pay out in about two years time. Over 5 years, you save over $10,000 in premiums. This is far greater than the extra $4,000 you would have paid out if you were very ill and hospitalized.

But, some of you are still adverse to having a high deductible. In that case, hedge your bets with a simple Health Insurance Supplement.

Can I Really Buy Decent Protection for $22 a Month?

The answer is yes you can. You can purchase a simple supplement for $22 a month that will pay a portion of your hospital expenses. Here is how the plan pays out:

The first day you are hospitalized the plan pays out $2,000.
If you go to an emergency room, the plan will pay you $150
It will also pay $150 for an outpatient surgery

By the way, this is an A rated carrier whose name you are already familiar with.

For more information, I suggest you take a look at the brochure. I cannot put it on this website without months of going through the approval cycle from this company's legal department.

But, just send me an email requesting the Hospital Cash plan or call me and I will email it to you immediately.

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